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mom holding mamy in a cuddlies eco nappy

How To Change A Nappy: 5 Tips for Getting it Right

Let's be honest, no one likes dealing with poop! Of all the tasks you will do for your little ones, changing a diaper is commonly up there with the least favourites. That said, with the amount of nappies your baby will go through, it is important to get it right for the safety and comfort of your bub!

While the many different sources of information can make things look complicated, here are 5 universal tips for changing your child's nappy. 

1. Be Prepared

The easiest way for things to go sideways is to be halfway through a change and realise you don't have everything you need! You might end up taking both hands off your baby, diverting your attention or even having to leave the room - all of which put your baby at risk. Make sure you are completely ready before you start the process of changing your baby's diaper - this means making sure you have a new diaper readily available and enough wipes to get the job done! 

2. Don't Skip Changes

A diaper should be changed as soon as it becomes dirty - how would you feel if you had to stay in wet pants? While Cuddlies Nappies are made from ultra-absorbent, naturally antibacterial and antifungal bamboo to avoid skin irritations, nappy rash and odours and minimising the discomfort of your child, many regular disposable nappy companies advertise that a baby can stay in their nappies for up to 12 hours. This is simply a guideline and does not apply to nappies that have become soiled, so don't be misled! Not changing your baby regularly can lead to leakage, diaper rash and a very cranky baby! Whether you're out of the house, have visitors, are travelling or are just busy, make sure you have spare nappies accessible and take the time to immediately change your baby.

3. Buy the Right Size Nappy

Newborn babies grow very quickly, so parents often think they should buy larger sizes than their baby actually needs. At the same time, the cost of nappies can add up, and parents are often tempted to use up the remaining smaller sizes even though their baby has outgrown them. Nappies that are too small are uncomfortable for your baby and can cause chafing, while oversized nappies increase the likelihood of leakage, neither of which are good for a happy and healthy baby! Because babies grow at different rates, nappies are sized by weight - make sure the nappy fits well around your baby's waist for a good fit. 

4. Wipe Front to Back

It is essential to make sure you're careful when wiping your baby's bum. Whether your child is a girl or boy, by wiping the other way you can expose your baby's urethra to fecal material containing harmful bacteria and cause an infection. Follow this rule with's Bamboo Water Wipes which are hypoallergenic, toxic-free and ultra-gentle on your baby.

5. Keep Your Hands on Your Bub

Babies love to have a wriggle, so it is incredibly important to always keep a hand on your baby while you are changing them. While it might seem harmless, especially if you're still watching them, it only takes one second of you being distracted for them to fling out an arm or leg and roll off the changing table, potentially seriously injuring themselves. Even if you have your eyes on them, you may not be able to react quickly enough to prevent an injury - so this tip is very important for ensuring the safety of your baby!

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