Better for the bum. Better for our planet




Your baby's bum will love these!

Silky-soft, it's like wearing a hug! 

Made with the softest bamboo fibers, they're naturally breathable and gentle to the most sensitive of skins

Fast-absorbency and no leakage for a drier, healthier and happier bum!  

100% guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and fragrances. We have no prints on our nappies, so there’s no dyes to worry about. Even our wetness indicator is plant-based!   

Why wait?! Ditch the plastic and treat your baby’s bum to our awesome bamboo eco nappies

Safer Bums

Smartly Built

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived."

-Sidney Sheldon


Because, nappies shouldn't outlive us!

Conventional disposable nappies are made of material that do not easily decompose, and they can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Yikes!

We've designed the CUDDLIES bamboo nappies to biodegrade 75% of its content as quick as under 100 days! Pure awesomeness!

For easy, environmentally-friendly disposal of dirty nappies, use our 100% biodegradable corn starch nappy bags, provided free with every subscription bundle.

Worried about running out of nappies? We get it.

We've created a Subscribe & Save bundle to keep your nursery stocked.  

Spend more precious time with your lil' one and let us do the rest!

Free Shipping

We love free stuff too! Your subscription bundle ships FREE from our warehouse to most of Australia. The Subscription Bundle is not yet available  to our customers in WA and NT. We're working on it!

Never Run Out

Your subscription will arrive to your chosen schedule. You can start today and commence delivery of your bundle immediately, or if you prefer to start at a future date just drop us a note. 

We Deliver To Your Door

Avoid late night nappy runs, no fighting for a parking spot and lugging home those bulky nappy boxes! Your order will arrive within 2-3 days in most metro areas.


We know you'll love our Eco Nappies and Water Wipes. But, if for any reason you don't, not to worry, please let us know for a refund within 30 days.

Everyone is unique! So, we've designed two options for you to choose from.

Simplify your life with Subscribe & Save


Ditch the plastic & Shop CUDDLIES



Velona Cuddlies Subscription Bundle


Best nappies

"No leaks, perfect fit, colour changing urine line, not bad for the environment. This nappy has it all! I love them and my babies bum loves them!!! Super absorbent and never had a poonami. Highly recommended."

- Julie W


"Really good quality nappies, they are soft and a good option for delicate skin!!! Excellent customer service too great combo"

- Giuseppina G.