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Bamboo Water Wipes

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Materials matter. The secret to your baby's non-toxic life.

Frequently asked questions
  • What are Water Wipes? 

Water Wipes are ideal for babies due to their sensitive skin. Cuddlies Bamboo Water Wipes are not just infused with 99.6% water, it’s made with silky soft bamboo, which provides a deep clean without the nasties and leaves skin feeling fresh. 

They are perfect for any mess and Cuddlies Water Wipes are ideal for adults too, for the gym bag, the car and on the go! Perfect for household mess and pets, too.

  • Are water wipes and baby wipes flushable? 

No. We recommend you do not flush Cuddlies Bamboo Water Wipes, other baby wipes or any other wet wipe.  

  • Are Water Wipes good for babies? Are Water Wipes Safe? Water Wipes for Babies? 

It can be pretty scary when you come across a list of toxic ingredients used in conventional baby wipes. Who knows what long-lasting damage it can cause your precious baby - no thank you! 

Cuddlies water wipes contain no harmful chemicals or fragrances and is made safe for babies and adult skin. Cuddies hypoallergenic water wipes baby wipes, uses a non-drying formula with pure, natural aloe and organic extracts that soothes the skin and helps prevent nappy rash. 

Cuddlies Bamboo Water Wipes baby wipes are the perfect option for babies from newborn to kids of all sizes.  

  • Are water wipes biodegradable? 

Cuddlies is proud to have created a natural, non-toxic environmentally friendly water wipe that is 100% biodegradable.  

  • Which water wipes are best? 

Cuddlies water wipes are made with the purest ingredients and natural bamboo, and kinder to the planet, makes it the best baby wipes and adult wipes in Australia. Soft like no other, Cuddlies Bamboo Water Wipes are perfect for a gentle clean and everyday use.  

Cuddlies water wipes pack comes with a resealable cap for quick, easy access and stops the wet wipes from drying.  

Trust Cuddlies Water Wipes to be the better choice for your family and our planet. 

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