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Baby sitting inside Cuddlies Bamboo Nappy Box

A Guide to Preventing Nappy Rash

What is Nappy Rash?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of preventing nappy rash, let's first understand what it is. Nappy rash is a common skin condition that affects babies and toddlers. It's a red, inflamed rash that appears in the nappy area, causing discomfort and irritation for your little one.

Why Does Nappy Rash Happen?

Now that we know what nappy rash is, let's uncover why it happens. Nappy rash can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Excessive moisture in the nappy area
  • Friction from the nappy
  • Infrequent nappy changes
  • Introduction of new foods
  • Sensitivity to certain nappy brands or materials

Top Tips for Preventing Nappy Rash

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to nappy rash. Here are some tried and tested tips to keep your little one's bottom happy and rash-free:

  1. Keep it Clean and Dry

The key to preventing nappy rash is to keep the nappy area clean and dry. Change your baby's nappy frequently and gently cleanse the area with a mild and fragrance-free baby wipe. Allow the skin to air dry before putting on a fresh nappy.

  1. Choose the Right Nappy

Not all nappies are created equal. Opt for nappies that are breathable and absorbent to reduce moisture and promote airflow. Avoid nappies with harsh chemicals or fragrances that can irritate your baby's delicate skin.

  1. Use a Barrier Cream

A good quality barrier cream acts as a protective shield between your baby's skin and the nappy. Look for a cream that contains zinc oxide or petroleum jelly and apply a thin layer during each nappy change.

  1. Go au Naturel

Give your baby some nappy-free time to let their skin breathe. Lay them on a soft towel or waterproof mat and let them wiggle their little toes without any restrictions. Just be prepared for some unexpected surprises!

  1. Be Mindful of Diet

Introducing new foods to your baby's diet can sometimes trigger nappy rash. Keep an eye on their reactions to different foods and make any necessary adjustments. Remember, what goes in must come out!

  1. Check for Allergies

If you notice persistent or severe nappy rash, your baby may have an allergy to certain nappy brands or materials. Consider switching to hypoallergenic nappies or consulting with a paediatrician to identify the root cause.


Cuddlies Bamboo Nappies and Bamboo Water Wipes are Australian Certified Toxic-Free® and designed to offer families a safer and better option to conventional nappies and wipes. The bamboo material used in the Cuddlies range is softer than other natural fabrics and are naturally porous, which helps with wicking moisture away from the baby’s skin. Cuddlies products are made safe from harmful chemicals keeping the nasty rashes away, making it the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

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With these tips in your parenting arsenal, you're well-equipped to prevent nappy rash and keep your little one's bottom happy and healthy. Remember, a little extra care and attention go a long way in ensuring your baby's comfort. Happy nappying!

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