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Do Your Baby Products Have the Right Certifications?

Do Your Baby Products Have the Right Certifications?

With an overwhelming multitude of baby products to choose from, how do you choose the right products that not only look after the health and wellness of your baby, but the health of the planet too? What certifications should baby products have?

In Australia, Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA) advocates for “conscious consumerism”, meaning as shoppers, we must be accountable for and realise that the manufacture of chemicals and packaging waste impacts everyone. While many brands claim to consider the environment and their impact on it, here are the key certifications to look for in your baby products, independently reviewed to assist consumers in choosing products that are non-toxic and environmentally-conscious.

Australian Certified Toxic Free®

This is the ultimate certification to reassure you that there are no nasty chemicals associated with your product. Products with this certification are “formulated in accordance with SCA’s non-toxic guidelines, 100% restricting & excluding chemicals of concern.”

Made Safe™

Made Safe products indicate a commitment to a healthy ingredient philosophy and represent cleaner practises than any government standard. These products are also formulated in accordance with SCA’s non-toxic guidelines.

Allergy Certified®

For most parents, it is paramount to minimise the risk of any discomfort or threat to the health of your child. Allergy Certified® products are “formulated in accordance with SCA’s allergy-safe guidelines, 100% restricting & excluding chemicals of concern”.

Cruelty-Free Certified™

While animal-testing should have already had its day, unfortunately there are many brands that still perform this barbaric practice. You can be sure that products with this certification are made without cruelty to animals, SCA has a strict humane policy, product testing is not carried out on animals”.

Vegan Friendly Certified™

While some products may be vegan, the processes required to manufacture them may not be completely environmentally friendly. However, you can be sure that products that are Vegan Friendly Certified™ are 100% formulated without animal & insect derivatives including beeswax, carmine & many other insect ingredients.

Forest Stewardship Council ®  

FSC's license holders acknowledge how important it is for their customers to know that products are sourced without causing harm to the environment. Considered the “gold standard” for sustainably sourced wood products, an FSC Certification indicates a proven commitment to sustainable and ethical practises in the production and sale of wood-based products from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable, separating them from the rest of the marketplace.

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