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How to Dispose of Your Cuddlies Bamboo Biodegradable Nappies

A while ago we wrote about knowing the difference between recyclable, biodegradable and compostable products – which you can read here. While knowing the difference is the first step towards consciously disposing of your trash to minimise your impact on the environment, the next step is making sure you are disposing of it correctly! Here’s our quick and easy “How To” on disposing of your Cuddlies eco-friendly nappies.

Outer Packaging

This is an easy one - Cuddlies Bamboo Nappies outer packaging is 100% recyclable! You can simply place the box in your recycling bin for your local council garbage program.

The Nappies

Cuddlies Biodegradable Bamboo Nappies will biodegrade 75% of their content within the first 100 days in regular landfill. However, it is important to make sure they are placed in a biodegradable bag or alternative to plastic (no plastic bin bags) to ensure that decomposition can start. You can purchase our 100% biodegradable nappy bags here or see our blog 4 Alternative to Plastic Bin Bags.


If you have any questions please check our FAQ here, or reach out us with any other questions or feedback! The Cuddlies team is committed to continually improving our products for bubs and for the environment and we love to hear from our Tribe!

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