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3 Ways to Keep the Kids (and You!) Smiling in Lockdown

We can't help but smile back at Posey's gorgeous grin! And what a clever girl she is, using some of our Cuddlies nappy boxes to build a fort. Creativity at it's finest!
The days can seem longer in lockdown, so we wanted to share some ideas that might help get you through.

1. Build A Fort!

Collect boxes of all sizes and stack them up to make a fort. Decorate your fort with fairy lights, cover it with sheets and have some fun! No doubt the kids will love it (and let's be honest you'll love it too 🙊)

2. Have A Tea Party!

Pop some cut-up fruit and water into the kids teapot to make a delicious fruit-infused drink! Set up some floor cushions and take time out to enjoy a tea party together with the kids. 

3. Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Hide 10 to 20 items around the house or outside to keep the kids occupied! If you feel like going a little extra, draw a treasure map to go alongside the clues for finding each item 🙌🏼

We'd love to hear how you go trying these ideas! Tag us at or using #cuddliesco on social or send us some of your favourite pics ❤️


Take care and stay safe.
You have the most important job in the world caring for your kids.

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