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What you'll love about Cuddlies nappies

Bamboo nappies are silky soft against baby's skin
Nappies that are naturally hypoallergenic perfect for babies with sensitive skin
Toxic free nappies that are safer for your baby
High performing nappy with superior absorbency to keep the baby dry and comfortable
Only nappies in Australia made with 100% bamboo top and back sheets that makes it ultra breathable and comfortable
Cuddlies nappies designed with a strong leak barrier that prevents any leakages
Cuddlies nappies are uniquely designed with 100% bamboo top and back sheets for superior comfort
Over 75% of the nappy biodegrades under 100 days, one of the fastest biodegradable eco friendly nappies in the Australian market
For easy nappy changing, Cuddlies nappies include a wetness indicator which is unique to Eco nappies

Cuddlies Difference

Gold Winner!

"Natural & Organic products provide a healthier solution to caring for sensitive skin. One of the best ways to heal & protect a baby's delicate skin is to use organic or natural products that are free from harmful chemicals, avoid toxins & other nasty skin irritants that are commonly found in conventional products." 

Organic Baby Awards 2021
Cuddlies nappies and water wipes wins Gold at the Organic Beauty Awards 2021

What we care about

Best for the baby with all our products non-toxic hypoallergenic made with natural and organic materials

Best for the baby

Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Natural & Organic

Eco friendly nappies and wipes that not only care for your baby but our planet

Best for the planet

Sustainable Materials

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Best for you

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Best for the community

Supporting organisations tackling planet's most pressing environmental issues

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