We've mastered Eco Nappies & Water Wipes!

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we've mastered eco nappies & water wipes

  • Not all Nappies & Wipes are made the same.

  • Cuddlies is uniquely designed to offer Aussie families a safer, better, sustainable and eco-friendly option.

  • Bamboo. Comfortable. Everyday.

Whether you're a daycare or a retail store, we have the products and the support to help your customers "nappy" more responsibly.

Australia's Premium Eco Nappies & Water Wipes

The Cuddlies Difference


It's like wearing a hug!


'cos nappies shouldn't outlive us!


for a happier, healthier baby!

You need to believe in the products you sell. So do we.

  • Made with the softest bamboo fibers. The intrinsic characteristics of bamboo makes it the perfect material for babies.

  • Combining premium quality features with a clean and simple design.  

  • 100% free of nasties. Priceless!

  • The results are an outrageously soft bamboo nappies and water wipes range, that is Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic and Biodegradable.

  • Don't settle for less, because your customers and our planet deserves the best!

Pure & Natural

Australia's best eco nappies & wipes for a comfortable and happier bum

Our Mission

Disposable nappies are a parent’s best friend, though they are not as friendly to mother nature. As current conventional nappies are made of materials that do not easily decompose, they sit in landfill for decades! Conventional disposable nappies are one of the biggest non-biodegradable waste in landfills.

The answer is not simple! 

But with a lot of hard work and years of extensive research and designing many eco-friendly nappy options, our BAMBOO COLLECTION emerged as the clear winner.

We're proud to have created a unique Bamboo eco nappies and wipes range that is planet-friendly and non-toxic, making it simply the better choice for babies and our planet!

Contact us, we'd love to talk to you. 

better for the bum. better for our planet.

We're a proud planet-loving bunch around here. Because ingredients matter, all of our bamboo range is planet-friendly, without compromising on quality. 

Families go through thousands of nappies during the baby's first few years . Each time they do, they will be contributing to your bottom line, while you're both contributing to making our planet safe. 

Give your customers the best assortment of eco-friendly nappies and wipes. Help combat the increasing problem of disposable nappies in landfill and their related environmental impact. Bamboo is the better choice for babies and our planet.

Join our planet-loving tribe and feel the difference. 


More than ever before,consumers' attitudes towards the environment and sustainability is influencing their purchasing decisions. The demand for higher quality,sustainable products and consumption continues to grow.


of consumers said

"I care about the future of the planet"



100% bamboo top and back sheets, they're silky-soft, it's like wearing a hug! Naturally breathable and gentle to the most sensitive of skins

Fast-absorbency and no leakage for a drier, healthier and happier bum!  

100% guaranteed to be free from toxins. Zero chlorine, alcohol, fragrances, dyes, latex, PVC, TBT or phthalates. Even our wetness indicator is plant-based!   

Bamboo nappies that are 75% biodegradable under 100 days!  Made with responsibly sourced FSC® certified material.

Smartly Built

Safer Bums

Toxic-Free Bums. Priceless!

The Toxic-Free Campaign®

Australian Certified Toxic-Free® 


It's not just Bamboo... it's Bamboo infused with Water! Hypoallergenic water wipes using a non-drying formula with pure, natural and organic extracts leaving skin fresh. Infused with 99.6% Purified Water, soft like no other, Cuddlies Water Wipes are perfect for a gentle clean. Simply pure goodness! 

Ingredients List

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

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